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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

❤Hello Kitty X Maybeline Volumn Express

HAHA. I found this in Kluang BCB Watson~

Hello Kitty X Maybeline Volumn Express
Limited Addition!!

I saw the small small adv said "Only @ Watsons"

Big Big on it dela~

Although there is no any discount
I bought it IMMEDIATELY haha
Becoz I scare that it will be out of stock soon!
(I believe that Hello Kitty stuff can easily made a girl crazy, dun u?)
Another reason is,
I just want to buy a Maybeline cat eye recently.

Then I met it at last~ I think I am lucky^^
Damn CUTE la~^^

Oh... I am not willing to open it..

By the way, the sticker on upper left corner got a invisible signature.

I think it means Original Hello Kitty~

Many many Hello Kitty on it~


28/7 I just came back from Empire Shopping Gallery with my B

Long time no go out d~Wheeee~~~~

Look at what I bought

Meiji Hello Panda Biscuit "XXL size" 1!

Since I saw my housemate had bought 2 tins of strawberry flavour back.

I wonder, how can it be so heavy, 450g!

erm.. What a worthful things~^^

I bought a rice flavouring too~
Gotta try it soon~

Actually Pyramid got the shop too.
But i never go in, it's expensive to me.
Becoz I am not pro in enjoy food.
Just few things can let me say yucks..

Next time I am going to buy the Japan instant curry paste~
Those with cute cartoon packaging~Wheee~



Temo n her girlfren Michelle just came back from Taiwan

Then they bought some SPECIAL souvenirs for their frens


Dun be shocked

It is Condoms Chocolate n MC Pad Cotton Candy~

Fun n Fancy right? LOL

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  1. halo girl,
    Hello Kitty X Maybeline Volumn Express
    how much you buy this ?