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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

❤Made In Taiwan^^

Firstly, special Big Big Thanks to ERIC~^^
He was the person who do me the favour to help me buy the things below via Taiwan online~

Thank You
merci(French) Danke(German) ありがとう 감사합니다

Yaya.. I'd bought so much things.. It made my purse bleeding...
I ❤ PG bag (Originals)
But always can get the fake 1 from onlineworse quality n more expensive!

LOLz. Dun be shocked. Not all of these are mine.^^1 for Ahma
1 for me
2 for Martini
2 for Chean Woon

yea.. This is MINE~^^

❤ it, but I just bought 2 more bags before Eric had reached Malaysia.Aiyo..

Weeeee~ I get my heme whitening sleeping mask finally~
I ❤ it too~
It really made my face more fairness~
Keep using it~^^

Another is KATE eye shadow+ eyebrow powder
Not yet launched in M'sia o

N heme acne care gel~ (actually i dunno whether it really effective=.=)

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