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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Our Chinese Valentine❤

Actually we r not going to celebrate the Chinese Valentine.

We go Pyramid just to post smth.

But!! We stay for few hours~ Wheeee~

Since last post, my sandal is almost spoiled n I'd aimed on a sandal d.
I bought it this time~

The shopkeeper that served me was a new worker.
She keep looking for my ideal color n size for minutessssss.
n told me brown hav no stock d but the white 1 got.
Originally I want the brown 1.
After few minutes, I suggest to buy the white 1.
The cashier who have worked for a long time there found the brown 39 for me.
n she told me there's lots of brown color there.
Stupid Worker..


But I bought the white 1 lastly.

We just keep shopping n looking for my b's slipper as well~
His requirement is too high. We'd seen lots of slippers d.
But no 1 can get into his mind.

Later, I told to my b.
"I am hungry d. Can I have a fried chicken fillet?"
B said: "Sure~Let's go."

Then we go Shilin snacks~
It's fried chicken fillet is really very biggggggggggg~
U can just have it for a whole meal. N u will get damn full.

We get into electronic game center~
It has been a long time we din step into the electronic game center.
We go play the basketball 1~
It's difficult to me that I am just let B to play only.^^
N he get the highest score~ Wuhuuuu~
Nice shoot B~

Before we go back we go GongHeTang to have a GuiLingGao.
The GuiLingGao of GongHeTang is very famous 1.
It's bitter. As they din add sugar in.
But the shop will provide honey syrup for those who prefer sweet.^^
B prefer more more sweetness~
Then he finished a half full pot of honey!

After it, I have my WongLaoKit herbal tea as well~
It's more more more bitter than the GuiLingGao.
But there will be a small dried plum for u.^^
It's really nice for 清热(qingre).^^

When I was almost sick I will come here n bought a WongLaoKit+ Herbal Powder for myself.

He was like a ads model of GongHeTang~^^

OMG!! I just found that there is No photo for US!!
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