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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Having lunch in Tarragon

B brought me to Tarragon for lunch yesterday~

Tarragon is a practical restaurant which Taylor's provided for those Hospitality School student.
It always have many practical lunch n dinner for outsider.
But must have the voucher la~
Actually I am not feeling excited 'bout it.
As I had a terrible pratical lunch last time. >.<>

The dessert~
The green 1 really like the nyonya kueh.
But I like it. Sweet sweet shredded coconut inside~❤

After our lunch, there was 'bout 45 mins before my lecture start.
So we wait at the another restourant besides it.
Enjoying the blowing wind n beautiful scene of my school~

P/S: The Q Kumikki is very cute~❤
I take the photo from the magazine~

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