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Thursday, August 12, 2010


I went to SASA last night.
erm.. I wanna buy the peach peeling gel that I saw a girl bloged it before.
It's expensive. RM39.90
I bought a peach peeling gel n a strawberry yogurt mask with half-priced.^^
n also a small bottle to fill in my cleansing milk n a empty bottle.

I'd been cheated by the sales girl!
I bought a whitening cream that the sales girl introduce to me.
She said:'This SKIN DOCTORS whitening cream is now on promotion.
It can make you skin more fairness n brightness.
(somemore I'd been attracted.)
Normal price is RM59.90, but you can get it with RM9.90 now.'
Since my bill was not enough to redeem a SASA chop, I bought it.
I used it that night.
The next day morning, I saw my face is not turning fairness n brightness, is turning darker by 1-2 tones!

WTFI throw the cream IMMEDIATELY.
WTF to the sales girl.
WTF to the cream.
WTF to stupid me.

At the same time, I found the peach peeling gel is not such nice too.
I will use it to scrub my body part next time.and then, I havent use the yogurt mask n nail polish remover yet.
I think there will be not too big problem to these 2 things.
Hope so.

Next time, I wont easily to step in SASA n buy facial product again. >.<

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  1. Don't listen to those sales girl.They always want to promote and clear SaSa's products.So,step into sasa, only buy what u look for =)