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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Michelle's @1st Birthday~^^

Happy Birthday to Michelle~^^

Actually it is on last monday..

Sry for my lazy to update it. =.=

Okay. Let me start from the begining of that day.

Michelle was absent for all tutorial n lecturer that day.

Ya, she was cooking by her own for the party.
She ❤ to cook.^^

I went to the venue at time! 8.00pm hehe

Her party was decided to held at Myplace Apartment.

HUH? My place apartment?

Sounds like her place right?
(She stayed in an apartment currently.)

But it's her friend's place actually..

Her friend's apartment named "Myplace"..
 SWT..  =.=lll 

Unfortunately, started raining when rached there.

OMG.. Then how to BBQ at the poolside?

Michelle, her netball friends n I were confused that.

"OK!! I decided to move to Puchong her place!" Michelle said.

"Let's go~❤" by ME.^^

It's was much more difficult to bring all ppl who dunno how to go her place to ger place.

Finally, everyone reached there successfully.^^

So start out party now!! 

Michelle had prepared the whole table of food for us~^^

Erm.. If u want to BBQ, then start to fire the charcoal!!

That's what we need to do~hehe
Coz we r soooooo hungry d!

Look, Kim looks serious to fire the charcoal.
Normally,he just keep playing, sleeping, annoying teacher in cls. haha

He was expert on firing the charcoal.

And also he was guiding us to fire it. haha

The lovely candle were prepared by Michelle too.

She candle as she think lighting candles is very romantic.

dong dong dong x12


Time to blow candles~

Happy Birthday~ Michelle

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