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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Part time-Bausch & Lomb

Yea~ This is my first part time job in Subang.

I'd been allocated to I-Care Opticians which in My Empire Gallery,SS16.

I am promoting Bausch & Lomb product included Soflens contact lens and ReNu solution.

I reached Empire at 10am as the time was asked by my supervisor, Lee.

After a simple briefing, he suddently got a call.

My working time was changed!

Formerly, I'd been asked to work from 11am to 9pm. But now was 12pm to 9pm.

That means, my salary gonna be lessen? However I dunno the ans till now. T.T

It was 11am at the moment. OK, I gonna hang around until 12pm.

I spent the time in POPULAR, by reading many mant recipe book.^^

Change the uniform of Bausch & Lomb.

Wow, I think I looked professional.^^

Get Started!!

erm.. actually my English speaking is not such good.
So I was confusing that how I have to promote the product.
AIK.. felt sorrow about my English speaking skill suddently. >.<> A serious-looked man
Annie-->A pretty mature-looked girl ❤

erm.. there are no photo with them..=.=
actually, I did not dare to photo with them.
as they always looked serious.

But they are friendly.
When there is no customer around, we chit-chating together~❤
Erm.. I'd learned more n more about optometrist.
It is a really hard pathway.
There are many strict ordeal for them to pass to be a optometrist.
But they are treated as professional as the doctors.
Admiring~ But I am not interested in.=P

Annie always asking me to change my future career to be a optometrist. =.=
Sry, I am not really interested in.

Ahahaha.. I am eating snake in toilet.
Fortunately the toilet is still new as Empire just opened about 3 months.

In shop~^^

Well, those 3 days were hard to pass. My legs n waist is pain like hell.

Fortunately, my hubby got give me massages to release the pain. Thx B.^^

The third day 9pm, I felt like I am a bird released from cage, finally I am free! YEA~

Even my sales is not good at all. I sold 2 boxes of contact lens a day. T.T
One of the reason is Ian is keep persuing the customers not to try Soflens contact lens.
I just can get my commission by RM1 per box, if I break the target of 10 boxes per type of lens.
Bausch & Lomb is actually not a very good product. I'd tried it before.
Even Annie n many of my customers said like that too. Sooo...
It's impossible to get the extra commission, ok!

Well, whatever.

It's none of my business now.

So now, I am waiting for the salary~Wheeee~^^

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