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Thursday, August 12, 2010

These days.. 10 Aug 2010❤

I love Flower Tea~❤
Say HI to my new music note tea filter~
It's really convinient~
N cheap also~

I went back to my hometown last Thursday by following my B's 3rd bro's car.
As there was no lecture on Friday.
I hate to be the trouble-maker.
I really dun like if the person felt unhappy with anything of me.
If he/she know how to cover up his/her vexed face, I think I will feel better.
But sometimes NO.

Yea.. I just came back.Since I've nothing to do there.
(I just keep playing with the cats n sleeping only)

B's friends came KL n visit him these days.
I've been ignored these days too. T.T
Well, they are not kinda often to come to KL. Just be patient.

I go shopping with them at Pyramid that night I came back.
Actually I am going separate with them as I want to shop for girl stuff.
(They all boy boy le, except Jasmine lah)

I aimed on a lovely slipper which I saw in a dunno-name shop.
Gonna buy it next time~
As I'd spent a lot in SASA that day.

I cut my hair by myself~
Becoz I am lazy to go to out.
Short till my eyebrow.

Actually I want it to be like this~
But I failed.
I cut too short d.
So just let it be my new hair style~^^
It will get longer soon. I told myself. =P

I buy these in SASA~

P/S: My pc destop was very very messy!!
As it were too many thing in my destop.
I just "cleaned" it~
Looks more comfort now~

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