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Thursday, September 9, 2010

InnerShine for outer radiance❤

I have been continuously taking BRAND'S InnerShine for 3 months d.

Many of my friend taking it too n effect well also.^^

But I din take it while having period.
Erm.. I thought it will be wasted if taking while period. hehe

It's better to take it at night so that it'll work better.
As in night is the time of body metabolism.

Why InnerShine? What will I be if keep continuosly taking InneShine?

InnerShine have 3 kind of product for 3 different goodness.

InnerShine Prune Essence, InnerShine Balance, InnerShine Berry Essence.
InnerShine Prune Essence (That's what I am taking)

It is a fruit-based, ready-to-drink nutritive prune essence that is rich in dietary fibre, prebiotics (oligofructose & Inulin), Vitamin C and contains prune essence concentrate. It nourishes ur body from the inside so u look healthy n radiance on the outside. (That's what I want ^^)

It's contains:
Fresh Prune- for fibre n antioxidants. to maintain healthy digestive system.
Vitamin C- to maintain skin elasticity. as it promotes the production of collegen. u know how important is collegen to women.
Prebiotics- to maintain the intestinal tract clean n healthy. promoting healthy radiant skin n body cell.

It's feature:
  • Highly concentrate- It's an essence, not juice.
  • Dual benefits- makes skin radiants, apart from detoxifying benefits
  • Work Gently, does not cause discomfort
  • Taste Delicious- contains natural prune sweetness- no other artificial bitter after taste. if u love to eat sunsweet prunes then u will love it as well. it's better than sunsweet as sunsweet contains too much sugar.
  • No added sugar.
  • No added preservative. really cannot be storage for long time. so pls dun buy too much to store it.
  • No added colouring.
concentrate prune essence n taste like a real prune juice.^^

By the way, Innershine Berry Essence is for healthier eyes.
Drink it everyday, ur eyes will be more healthier that looks brightness.

InnerShine Balance is also a nutrition supplement to maintain ur body healthy.
To look nice.

more details pls visit www.innershine.com.my ^^
In fact, healthier body u maintained, more radiant u look.

N I believe that a well digestive system is a keyword for healthier body! 

A well digestive system also make ur body slim~^^

U can get them from all hypermarket, Jusco Wellness, Caring, Watson n Guardian.
That's always promotion in Watson, Guardian n Jusco Wellness.^^

P/S: Pls recycle the glasses n the packaging boxes of the InnerShine as well.

P/P/S: Here to share another knowledge that I get from a TV show.
Black colour fruits contains always contains more Vitamin C n other nutritions from the yellow colour fruit n red colour fruit.^^

Such as mulberry, blackcurrant, black plum(乌梅), black grapes(darker colour of grapes), etc..

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