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Monday, September 20, 2010

Drowning in STRESS

*Short update here

Suffering now. Arwwwwwwww.

Assignment"s" DUE DATE are coming. *Next Tueday got 2. others not yet counted!
Cheer-leading performance is coming. *Next Monday. Since I am not practiced well.

Finance Mid-term test is coming. *This Friday.
Luckily, Moral Mid-term test was cancelled. But dunno whether got replacement or not. Still waiting for announcement. Waiting for death.
WTH man.  


Last night, I was pretty relax. I went for movie with my hub.

Resident Evil 

We bought normal mode of tickets. Coz both of us dun have nice impression of 3D movie. 
But I heard that 3D is nicer!!! Aik. 

Whoever is not yet watch the Resident Evil, MUST watch the 3D one!!

I admit that both hub n me r timid. We treathen ourown all the way. WTH.

Sadly, Alice is getting older than before. AIK. Age kills woman.

n I prefer the sexy nice suits that she wore before. 

I cant imagine if the real world is crowded by zombies n I am the one still alive. Very sad n helpless. By the way, I am afraid of zombies!! WTF la.

However, It's another must-go-for movie!!

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