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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Why not?

 Recently kena someone influence, I start love GIRL GENERATION.

It's a korean singer group. 
Erm, I just know that they are famous among the world also~

They are cute!! Gee gee gee gee babe babe..^^

Not only the Gee is nice. Do so the others like kissing me, oh..

Share it here, HOPE U LIKE IT~ 

These days r super duper beeeezy.

CheerLeader practice. Exam. Assignment!! Part time. almost drive me crazy d.

Here's our Dodgeball Chearleaders~^^ Wheeeeeeeeeeee~❤

Last night, when I was having my dinner in Mc'D.

Suddently a girl sit down infront of me. I shocked. Coz I am sitting alone!

She played sign language with me. That I  found that she is a dumb.
She was selling keychain to fund some money.

And without any prove that where will the money go for.

I bought the keychain for RM10!!

I cant help with this scene ok? Dun blame me. 

By the way, I just want her not to disturb me.
Maybe many of u people will blame me as a fool to donate money to stranger.

U would told me most of them r cheater. Why waste my money on a cheater n let them reach their goal.

For me, even though they r cheating on me.

I will donate to them as well.

My points r,

If they r really raising fund for charity, I donate, I am accumulating virtue.
If they r cheating on me, I donate, I am also accumulating virtue!!

Coz I am donating to those "poor" people who keep cheating people to earn money and aimless people.  

At last, I am not the one doing wrong thing, HE/SHE is the one doing wrong thing.

I am losing the money only, not the mercy.

That's my mum taught mel. And I agree it also. CHEER.  

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