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Friday, October 22, 2010


****Short short updates here********

Today is my BC presentation
There is only 1 words can decribe my result.



Yup, I am quite nervous during my presentation

But I just cant help to be like that.
My mind came to all blank at the moment.



my english language is quite poor also
every DD, any recommandation? PLZ.


I am getting poorerWuwuuuuuu T^T

Spent a lot for the Penang trip.

Spent a lot on hotel and transportation ya.

But it's quite worthful as well~

Cheer with LOVE~

  ※My Assignment & Assessment Schedule ※ 

28/10    OB Presentation
              Microeconomic Mid-term Exam

29/10    Finance Group Assignment D/D 

30/10    Moral Final Exam

  1/11    MIS Group Assignment D/D 

  8/11    MIS e-Portfolio Individual Assignment D/D

22/11    Final Exam

*D/D= Due Date
F.M.U.L again!!!!!

Penang Trip❤ post will be the next.
Lots of photos ya~
Stay tuned~❤

I am editing the photos now. 
Too many photos and I want to share all of them to u all also! XD

P/S: I broke my promise to post about my group's short Melaka Trip.
Coz I dun have the photo. SRY>>>>>>>

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