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Monday, October 11, 2010

Chill with fooood ❤

Stress really made me more greedy for food. XD


Recall that day, I had told Michelle that I will killmyself if I get fatter.

Ohno. I think I gonna die soon. LOL *just joke

I ❤ the new menu item of SnowFlake-COCO LOCO.

That one Marianne have recommanded to me before.

It's really very nice. But my dear din like it.



Almost same with the pic~~~❤

My favourite taro balls~

It taste like a combination with soya n gula melaka~

But the ad said is coconut-ice wor. Dun care la~^^

My campus got a new branch of Famous-Amos~

 Really cant imagine it right? In my campus le!!!

It's a lovely small shop. Well decorated!!

I bought a big-soft cookie for myself~

This one is chocolate flavour~

Lots of chocolate inside!!!


Remember not to eat too much Famous-Amos cookies at the same time.

For sure u will be tired for it. 

Cheer with food~❤

But dun get too much~

Or will getting fatter~


Last night I saw a event for "The Child Eyes".

The horror movie directed by Phang's Brothers and presented by Rannie Yang.

I ❤ Rannie Yang. But I scare of horror movie that directed by Phang's Brothers.

Phang's Brothers' movies are super duper horror.
WTS I hate it as well.

Erm.. should I go for it? Considering....

My dear dun want to acc me.

N for sure I will get nightmares for many many nights.

P/S: WTF. I saw many many horror pictures while I am googling the movie pictures.T.T


  1. haha..i wan watch that movie too..
    jom!this thursday lo! :)

  2. but.. I scare..wuwuwuwuuuuuuuuuu T.T