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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Our trace of ❤ in Penang (Day1)

Hello fellows~

As promise, our Penang trip post is here~

Erm.. Editing photo for quite long time.haha

Just combining the photo only.

My hubby n me have save $$ for long time for this trip d.
means we organized it long time d. XD

He wanna meet his friends over there n I want to visit there as well~

 a week before, when I am working, I went to buy the bus ticket.

We choose AEROLINE for our journey(quite expensive). 

Cost us RM240. Go n return. n 1 meal was included each journey.
Sunway Pyramid-Queensbay Mall

 Quite convenient, huh?

n our transport in Penang was RapidPenang~
The Rapid buses in KL called RapidKL, whereas Rapid buses in Penang called RapidPenang~^^

7.00am Woke up n prepared 
8.00am  Departure from Sunway Pyramid~

Although Aeroline bus ticket is expensive, the service is quite good!

We were well-served on the bus!

1 Subway, 1 mineral water n 1 hot drink(optional) were given while the journal.
N there were headphone provided as there were audio system on each seat~

We arrived Penang at about 12pm. 

A quite long journey, but I slept all the way in bus. XD

Tell u an amazing, whole Penang island is covered by WiFi!
How advance they are!
We were so excited while passing through the Penang Bridge~

It's a long time that I din see sea~

Wheeeeeee mood at that time~XD

HAHA. There is a fake KLCC without the upper part there. 

Look alike right?
We arrived at Queensbay Mall n have our lunch there~

We walked around there n still dunno what should we eat.

Finally, we decided to have ramen as our lunch~ XD

My b accidently get a super duper spicy ramen.

As u seen from the pic, there were lots of chili flake on his noodles!

Fortunately, my b still can accept the spiciness n he enjoyed it so much~

I had my Miso Ramen~

LOOK! He was stealing my egg! Wuwuuu.
After finishing our lunch, we hangkai for a while it Queensbay Mall.

I Hangkai

But my b dun like.

n he keep nagging: Why u girls love to shop in shopping mall wherever u travel?


 We went to our hotel after that by bus~

My b's friend had already booked the hotel for us.

D' Feringghi Hotel

So, we can check in immediately when we arrived there.

We faster put our things in the hotel n change clothes.

Ready to go to the beach? 


My b n I beach so much~

We walked along the beach n visit all the hotels beside the beach included HARD ROCK HOTEL!!

The outlook of The Ship Restaurant is really a big big ship!
Previously we wanted to have our dinner there, but it's quite expensive.
So we gave up. T^T
I think the food and the services inside is very nice~ I think.^^

HARD ROCK HOTEL is opened less than 1 year only.

Their rooms are quite expensive as it's a five star hotel.

It have its own water park for its customers too.

When we sneaked inside it, we were the only 2 Asian around there!

All foreign tourists! We were like tourists from Asian to visit them!


We went to the Bayview Hotel that my b done his internship there before.

At first, we decided to move into Bayview Hotel the next day.

But I forgot to bring along my bikini, so.. aik..fade ya.

We walked back to our hotel when sky almost turn into dark.

After shower n rest, we started going out to find the restaurant that we saw by the beach just now.

Finally we found it, but it's as expensive as The Ship. Aik..

At last, we have our dinner at a hawker center.

As there is a tourist area. Variety of food there. Not only the normal hawjer center.

My b had ordered my favourite- Apple Cinnamon Pancake & Italian Pizza~

The Italian pizza there is special, coz there is no tomato paste inside!

It still taste very nice n wont be sick with it.

actually there was 1 more food we ordered, black pepper beef teppanyaki fried rice~

We go Hangkai at the pasar malam in front of our hotel.

It's was a very very long pasar malam.

We went for buying souvenirs~

Sry that I cant buy for all of my friend coz I had limited budget.
We keep going to Hangkai after dinner to let the food digest faster XD

We went back hotel at 11pm~ XD

As there is no more night activities accept in Hard Rock Hotel.

I think there will be parties inside. I think again. HAHA

Here's our day 1 of Penang trip post~
Hope u all would like it.

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