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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Our traces of ❤ in Penang (Day2)

Day 2 post here~Hehe.❤
The photo of day 2 n 3 is less than day 1 ya.

Sry bout that.

OK. Let us keep going on "our" Penang Trip~^^


We woke up earlier coz we dun want to miss the breakfast time.
Our hotel was providing "simple breakfast" to us. 

Yup, really SIMPLE breakfast coz the hotel rate is cheap as well.

 As my b have promised me to bring to Kelok Temple and Bukit Bendera.

We faster finished our breakfast then go back our room to prepare for outing~

2 hours after (hehe, I need time to make up ma)

We went out hotel to wait our bus.

Hehe, this is the 1st time we ran after the bus tgt.=P
the bus driver asked us to run forward to the another bus stop.

coz we dunno there is a bus top, so we wait in front of our hotel previously.


HEHE. We wore couple suit~^^
I love this couple suit~ B's 1 is shirt, my 1 is dress~❤

Firstly, we went to Komtar to change the bus to Kelok Temple.

Meanwhile, we have our lunch there at Komtar also.


 My b and I dun like the steambot so much.

their raw food r not that fresh. Yucks..

Actually we dunno the way to Kelok Temple.

Fortunately, we met a very kind RapidPenang worker n an enthusiatic aunty~

Finally we arrived at Kelok Temple la~

 Erm.. seemed like an empty walkway there. 

We arrived there at 5.00pm.

Unfortunately, it close earlier than usual that day. >.<

If u have been there before, u surely know that the shop's things there are super duper cheap.

I din buy anything. coz there were just few shop still operating.

HAHA. My back is nicer than front side lar~

"tortoise mountain"  HEHE


Yea Yea.. We had our dinner at GURNEY DRIVE~

HAHA. Many many famous food stall there~

Dancing Rojak Man also~~~~~~~

His video here~

HAHA.. This family is extremely cute~~~~

 HAHA. I caught a video with him also~

 Check it out ya~ 

 Sry that I dunno how to reverse it. Please turn ur head to watch it~XD

He has not enuf time to present his talent coz we just order a little.

The longest lining ppl represented the most famous most delicious food always~

HAHA. coz we were not able finished trying all the food there.

So we chose this way too.

Finally I had my fried oysters~~~~~

So HAPPPPPPie~~~~~~~~

My b had his fried koay teow~

If u r going to Gurney Drive, must try these 2 n the rojak ok!!!

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