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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Our traces of ❤ in Penang (Day3)

Aiyayaya.. Day 3 d..Wuwuuu.

Still a lot of things havent shop ya. >.<

But insufficient fund. HAHA XD

After "Simple breakfast" (same breakfast as yesterday! same menu also =.=)

We went to the beach again.

We r not willing to leave the beach ya~ >.<

My b's photo shooting technic has improved!! HAHA

  FAT FAT =.=
Even though it's not a very clean beach.

But we enjoyed it super duper much.❤

As our Aeroline bus will departure at 3pm from Queensbay.

We go back hotel n packed things at 10.30am.

We arrived at Queensbay Mall at 12pm.

HAHA. As promise to treat my b a scoop of Haagen-daz. 
I made it~^^

 WOW~ FAT FAT again~

 Shop shop n snapshoting~~~❤ 

(Without make up ya~ sorry~)

I wanna try the Strawberry flake flavour n choco-banana flavour of ROCKY for long time d~

I finally get it!!! HEHE

Erm.. the choco-banana is not such nice to me actually. >.<
But the strawberry flake 1 is nice!!^^

3pm d. We wait the bus at Aeroline outlet.

Aik. Going back lor... >.<

Unexpected!! This time, the meal provided by Aeroline was Chicken Rice~

Very nice sia~^^

We arrived at Sunway Pyramid at about 7pm~

Our trip came to an end d~

The trip was awesome~~~~~~~

Hope to have another chances to travel with my b~
Hey, u know, my b n I have been loved for almost 2 years d.
Bless us ok? 

Thanks everyone~ Cheer~~~❤

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