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Monday, October 4, 2010

These Days

Movie day again~ Wheeeeee~

I try to e-ticketing from TGV Sunway Pyramid, but failed.

Coz nobody exist in front of the counter. Shit*

 Legend of the Fist: The Return of Chen Zhen  

Nice movie again~^^

"Tin Shan Hak Ha(天山黑侠)"look a like with Batman in this pic~


I quit from the cheerleaders team d.
 Because of some reason. 
(I really dun want to explain the reason on my blog.Sry.)

Some dissappointed to the team n myself also. >.<

It was a very fun training.

N my english speaking improved!!   

Thx to~ 

Cass, Marianne, Munn Yee, Jing Yi, Yimei, Michelle

N Sry about this.

My finance mid term test result was released!!

Michelle n me got 9.smth
(We always get same same marks,hehe)
(Is it considered tacit?^^)

Tao Aun emo d. haha.

Derrick get the highest marks among us.
(Is that call Power of Love?LOL. Be happiness buddy!!)

By the way, I am not enuf satisfied with my result.
I think it can be higher but I tried my best d.

Next, my Moral result will be super duper SUCKS.
I think. 


Assignment"s" are in progress...
Screaming again.... Arrrrr.....

 Wonder when I can get my own iPhone4..

Wuwuuuuuu.... T.T


erm..because of the rights reserved issue of APPLE..
I cant directly share the youtube on my post.
But I can put the links here~

It is awesome right? But expensive.

It's really hard to save money as I stay in Sunway n study in Taylors.

All the things are expensive.

Lots of branded restaurant  in my campus.

Subway, Wong Kok, Starbucks, BreadStory, Face to face Noodle, etc.

Keep saving money for it. But dunno when I can get it home.T.T

Mayb at the time I get enuf money for it, iPhonePRO is lauched.

But I prefer iPhone4~^^

People said that iPhone is just a fashion.

I dun care. I really like it~
End this post here.

NEXT post will be our group assignment+short Malacca trip~

N next next post about secondary friend gathering in Sunway~ 

Stay tuned~^^


  1. result out le o..gd ya!continue get a high marks ba..dun give urself too much pressure..:)
    iphone4?haha..me n anqi maybe will buy it too,but it still hav a lot problem la..no consider so fast buy it..
    save money for ur study n eat ba..haha
    KL life is HIGH over!
    n next week i will go sunway find my fren..c that time u hav free o not lo..i go find u at hostel..XP

  2. the result just for a little mid term test la~ not the final~
    I have been soooo long time din change my hp d.
    Got many many problem d. So I decided to change, but still have to save more more money for iPhone4.