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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Emo-ing T^T

Damn tired these days..

Doing assignment non-stop.

Finally,passed up all assignment d.

N I am gonna pass out also. Lack of SLEEP ya!!!!

U know? when a people lack of sleep, he/she will in a very very bad mood. 

He/ She will easily be engared!!!

So, watch out people!!

Sorry my dear. I should not vented my emotion on u. 
Really very very sorry.

I am really very sad now.

I know I must change my irritable personality n my bad temper.

Forgive me ok?

We really do not have much time to be together d. T^T
Sadmood now. aik.

Tired now. aik.

Yup, as someone said. 

We do need more more more more n more understanding.

Cannot be emotional anymore.

Even though I am lack of sleep.

Dun easily be pissed off.

Hope I can get ease very well. 

Good day people.

Good day for me also..

Cheer people.

Cheer for me also..




 Cheer with cutie Stitch.








Cheer with cutie Chopper.

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