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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Haiiiiyaaah~~~ Kim Hyun Joong XD

Today finished my second subject in Final Exam.

Yup. It went unexpected smoothly. Soooooo, I am damn happy!!!


Faster go Gai Gai~ haha (3 more to go actually >.<)

There is YES anywhere YES!!! YES!!!!

The Year End Sales Carnival!!!!


It's time to grab branded things i think. Ahahaha.

Finally I got my own Kim Hyun Joong Asia Tour pass~

Erm.. I spent RM50+ in The Face Shop >.< just for the pass. Ahahaha.

Damn a lot of discount tag inseide The Face Shop~~

6 things for RM50+. Very cheap right? Happy~~~~

1 Top Coat
1 Nail Color
2 Masks
1 Herb Day Cleansing Wipes
1 Christmas Special Pack included 1 face wash n 1 washable mask
1 Pass for the Meetting n lucky draw m RM5 Cash Voucher as well

Erm.. I want to buy their nail color for long time d.

It's cheap n nice!! Unbelievable price---> RM5.90 each

somemore got 10% discount on it~ Woooow XD

Erm.. My schedule for following weeks looks like clashed in together d.

Okay, gonna fix it up.

Hope I can meet Hyun Joong. Plssss......

Yayyyy. My lunch of today is Ninja-Joe!!! the pork burger!!

Haha. Sound weird right? Here is Malaysia le~~~~ Got PORK burger~~

should be NO PORK NO PORK la. XD

Hey hey. I bought 2 ninjas~~ Coz it is damn small what..
U can choose ur favourite sauce!! no longer chili sauce only!!

I chose Sweet n Sour & Terriyaki.

Yum yum yum yum...

Erm.. I found that I prefer beef burger than pork at last. XD


Look. damn small what~~~ >.<
But I love the super juicy tomato~~ yum yum~~

God bless me to pass all exam ya.

n have a nice holidays!!!

CHEER ~~~~~~

Hey buddies. faster plan for our trip ~~~

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