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Sunday, November 14, 2010

I am Earrings Enthusiast ❤

Hehe.. I am gonna tell u my secret today~~hiak hiak hiak~~

Actually... actually.. actually..

I am a super duper earrings enthusiast~~~~ Hiak hiak.

Erm.. My first ear pierced was in Form 2. 

Dun LOL at me, I know it is quite late.

But I just cant help recalled the scene I saw that my cousin cry out loud like what while piercing when I was very very young. =,=

Taadaaaaa~ Let's share my collection~~~ 

ermm... Actually these are just 1/4 of my collection. haha 

I have another earring holders at my hometown like this~~~

I would like to place them on a display holder, so that I can choose my earring of the day easily~

Erm.. I dun really like buying clothes anywhere. 

But I do really like buying EARRINGS anywhere~~~


Some demo here~~~~~

This 2 bought for charity ya~~~~

Cute as well~

Handmade ribbon rose~

I ❤ this one very much~~~~~

Earring of today~~~

Simple n nice~~

Tips for using the earrings display holder:
。as some of the pierces are made by metal. It could be oxidated by turing black or like get rusty.
。People can put on a transparent plactic bag on it to keep ur lovely earrings' usefull life as long as possible.
。People still can choose ur earrings of the day through the transparent plastic bag~~^^

。There are sometimes we lose our sucker of the earrings n the earrings can be use anymore unless u get new suckers. But the retailer also no willing to give u extra suckers. Agree people?

。TAADAA... U can bought the extra suckers from Daiso~~~~ Haha.
。Although it cost RM5 for few tiny plastic suckers, It save many of ur beloved earringsss~~


Lastly, I would like to wish, Stay pretty n gourgeous with ur EARRINGS people~~

I bought a hair bun maker recently. Called 海绵宝宝.




It is really nice~ Even I can make a hair bun with my short short hair nia~~~

It contains iron wires inside the sponge. So that ur hair bun will shape nicely on ur head~~

N it's reusealbe~~~

Damn happy with it~~ My mum also like it~~~^^

My mum is trying it~~~XD

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