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Saturday, November 6, 2010

My lovely T3 fellows~ ❤

Halooo~~~ I have nothing to post recently. Sry for no new posting recently.

I have been a Taylorian for about 8 months ++ (gua?)

It's pretty hard for me to get into university without foundation.

All students of my course have been divided into 4 tutorial group.

I have been assigned to Tutorial Group 3 n I met them.

My lovely T3 fellows~

We r all in BLACK today.(included me, excepted Emily, sry XD)
UNITE!! haha

We celebrated all of our friends birthday as possilble~
UNITE!! again!

Okay, I must admit that the most naughty, laziest, and lowest attendance in lecture are us!! haha

Although some of us r also very "lek zai" in exam. excluded me. =,=

Felt very sad that we no longer can be together next year.

coz we will be break into another groups! Wuwuuu T^T

I do very appreciate our friendship somemore I spent lots of time in Taylor's with u all!!

Let's buck up in our Sem 2 final exam buddys!!!!!

erm... I am gonna squeeze some other contents into this blog. haha

I am lazy to post it separately. Heeeeheeee.

Our Organizational Behaviour tutorials which directed by our hyper miss r so interesting n tiring.

Debate, game organize with topic by groups, modeling our assignment company...etc.

Somemore it's wasting our time to prepare her tutorial activities. aik. assignments due dates r in a line!!!

Very nice huh?
Serious!!! XD

Bye everyone. I am going off from here to prepare my final exam.

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