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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The happiest thing to couples ❤

Getting married is known as the happiest thing to couples, isn't it?

It's touching, happy, grateful, excited, pleased, dismay...etc 

Well, to me, I am not in that stage now.

But it's  touch my heart deeply.

Someone said 'Marriage is the tomb of LOVE.'
I did agree with it.

According what I seen.. It made me fell the trueness of these words.

 Somemore sadness, isn't it?

Let's get into our topic today!

I attended my aunty's brother's wedding dinner last 2 week.

Huhu, I finally got chance to visit her new house.

It's brilliant.

A 3-story bungalow located at a high slope.

Erm.. since it was raining at time, I am not able to shoot her house outward.

There is very nice view in night.

I did like her fridge~~~ Nice reflection!!

Taaaadaaaa~~ I am ready~~~XD

 Our seat is special seat!! Clear view to the stage to watch the ceremony~~

I love the dinner~~ haha. coz I din eat for whole day d!!

Not purposely for the dinner ok? I have no time to eat!!

Shoot with my mummy~~~ XD

She is not willing to~

I think its a wonderful night for the couples.

Bless you 2~ 

Be happiness~~~ 

Erm.. It's really costly to wedding right?
Propose marriage.(the 99 roses, diamond rings. XD) 
 Wedding photograph.
Wedding dinner.
Ceremony things.

Hiu...... It's not easy to decide to get married!!

Besides the cost, next is have to live with a whole new life.
How many people can adapt it well?

Getting married sound scary to me as well.

Okay, it's should not be my problem at the moment.

I am still young. XD

Cheer people~~~~ Cheer couples~

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