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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Im Back!!! XD

 I love this spec~ Ahaha.

Sweep sweep sweep sweep...

Sweep away the spider webs and mushroom from my blog first.


Yay!! Finally!! I come back to continue my driving course!!

Erm.. the uncle said I can sit for the driving test after the last driving lession on Thursday!!

AHA. Actually, I totally go for the lession for two times only! Thurs will be the third time.

喺唔喺好 lek 丫? Ahahahaha.

I got a call from Taylors this morning. YAY!! My request was approved!!

I am going to sit for my missed-exam next morning!! Hey guys! I need the notes now~haha

Hope my rescheduled exam will go smoothly~~~~~~~~ Like this "~~~~~"~~ =P

I wont expect that I can get A. Just pass. Okay?

And my driving test as well!!

I want to drive at KL!!!

As people said, 'U will like without legs as long as u without a car in KL'. 囧

Erm.. Last Sunday is the first time I watch Narnia. Quite Boring.

I think reading it's book will be better than to watch its movie.

But I don't think so to Harry Potter~ haha.

Gogo. HP7 part 2!!! Can it be faster? T^T

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