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Sunday, February 13, 2011

A day which full of ❤

Valentine is coming.. OMG.

Valentine should be full of hapiness right?

But the days before Valentine were like urgch... Suffered!!

For those who are still single.---> Suffering about their rough relationship..

For those who are in a relationship--> Squeezing their brain and wallet (XD) for "SURPRISE!! DEAR!"

For those who are in "MANY" relationship"s" ---> Suffering how should they schedule their dating's'  XD

For me.. erm.. Valentine is nth special to us as we have been together for 2 yrs+..

COZ everyday is Valentine for us!! (Except quarrel day.. >.<)

I think we are lucky comparing with others. We meet everyday!!!! XD

I Love You my Mr.10.

There are difficulties to decide what to be present to ur loving one.

Flowers? (99 roses? Ermm.. I prefer tulips~~ XD)

Chocolate"s"?? (A traditional Valentine MUST. FAT FAT)

Valentine Dinner? (In 6 stars hotel? LOL)

A wonderful proposal?? (Fuh~~ Romantic max!!!)

Club? (It seem like should be done with "friends". >.<  Romantic=ZERO)

For me, I prefer to celebrate it at home. Warm max!!

A small table that can just contains us.

A bottle of wine bought from supermarket. XD

A small chocolate cake.

A nice movie playing on laptop.

Mayb a bottle of wine? (Greedieeeee.... >.<)

That's all~  That's ma dream Valentine!!! ❤
Dear do u hear it? XD

Happy Valentine to all ma love!!

Happy Valentine ppl!!

Have a good day full of ❤!!

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  1. happy valentine day to u too!
    hav a sweet memory in this year again ba! :)