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Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Oh Yay~
Finally I'm here~

short update for these 2 days first!!

Yesterday was a chilling day @ Uni. XD

Actually we were required to help our Marketing lecturer promoting a workshop that organized by her, named "BizPod".

P/S: BizPod is a workshop that guide u to start up ur own business. There will be ppl guiding u how to form ur business ideal to a actual-work business plan, how to gather ur business capital, how to start up. It's a quite nice workshop for our young ppl with full of dream, it lead ur dream to come true!!

This Thursday 19 May 2011, 10am @ Taylor's Lakeside LT20!!

See u there!! I will be volunteered to help in the event that day. XD

As our lecturer said "There's opportunity everywhere!".

We need to do a report of reflection of this promotion so that we forced to attend.


We chilled all the time during the event! Haha.

It's quite nice for us to have free t-shirt and chilling time. XD

Go lunch@ Syopz. Guys!!

Here's my lunch for that day!
Karei bento from Syopz!!
It's too spicy to me, n I was still having cough that day.
Quite valuable. RM9.90 for this whole set with unlimited refill of greentea.

Recommended for big appetite ppl!! XD

After that Michelle n me had discounted frozen yogurt at Snogurt!!

Happy hour from 12pm to 3pm every day!

I dun even know it's RM3 per cup of Snogurt without topping. I though it's RM3 per gram, it's still very cheap right?

Mine and Michelle's!!
Left hand side with very cute colour one is mine, hehe.

Original+Stawberry= Mine
Mixed Berry= Michelle's

( I squeezed a lot in my cup 'accidentally' then the shopkeeper stared at me, OMG. It's an accident k? I dun mean to do that.)

We were lated to go bk lecturer's room to sign out for the event, Coz we chilled in Student Center later on!

Yay~~ I bought this while going bk home!!

*claps claps*
I finally get it!! Teehee~~
Cheap but nice fragrance!!
Carefree to use it everyday!!
Play It Lovely is my choice since the rest 2- Play It Sexy n Play It Spicy taste more spicy n not suitable for daily use.

Okay, that's all for my day~~ <3

Gonna back to work nw!!
Fighting with Business Law assignment, Principle of Operation Management assignment, Management Accounting assignment, POM group assignment!!

All due on Friday!! Scary Friday!!

BUT!! Katt is having her early birthday party at Mist Club this Friday!!
Yay~~ It will be super crazy fun night after submitting all the assignments!!



Arw... I feel relax everytime I see him on my lockscreen~~

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  1. Ahaha~ have a relaxing party time after the hardcore assignment thingy