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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

A great FUN Day in Melacca ! PART1

Yay~ Melacca again!!

Thanks Michelle to gain us another opportunity to visit Melacca~~

This time we visited it GAO GAO!!

I bombed my Foursquare GAO GAO as well!! Teehee~~

We departured from Uni after all of us finished our Managament Accounting assignment. It's about 12pm. XD

Taking pic on board~~~

Me n Michelle~~

Me n Emily~~ pretty gal~~

Firstly, we had our brunch at Hoe Kee Chicken Rice ball. The best chicken rice ball recommended by the local-- Michelle~~

Take photos while waiting our chicks~~

Tadaaa~ here's the yummy chicks~~

Addicted to take photo from this angle la~~

Later on.. Dessert time!! At Sam Shu Gong~~
u can buy souvenir for ur friends there but it's expensive.

The Cendol there is super nice!!
I dun dare to eat durian so I ordered Gula Melaka Cendol for me~
But the most famous one is durian Cendol!!

Going to shopping at Dataran Pahlawan Melaka Megamall.

Gonna go taste the best ever Mille crepe cafe~ NadeJe Cafe~~

Ohyay~~ Mango Mille crepe~~

Super yummy!! It's actually a Japanese recipe!! That's why I can't make good Mille crepe before. The recipe is totally different from mine~

It's undeniable that Melacca things selling at cheap price!!

Okay, no place to go ady while waiting for the Capitol Satay- the founder of Satay celup!! It's open at 6pm everyday.

We go foot massage!! XD

It's my first time to have foot massage. Ermm.. I dun like massage actually. But I love the foot soaking!!

Finally!! Satay Celup!!!

Long queue is a must!!

After about 1 hour, ours turn finly!!

It's the same as the tv show 美食大三通!! They do change every pot of Satay sauce freshly!!


I love the shrimps~~

They offer the super big prawn freshly!! U can get the super big prawn, baby abalone, sotong, sliced abalone n etc on $0.80 each for each person at the first 40 sticks of ur table.

We enjoyed the supervig prawn very much!!

Part 1 stop here. Stay tuned!!

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