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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Great FUN day in Melacxa! PART 2

Let's go PART 2 of my Melacca trip with buddies~~

(I'm waiting for my school bus nw actually. XD)

At about 8pm, we finally get into our main purpose to Melacca!!

Interview for assignment!!

HOME Lounge was our destiny!!

It's a very nice lounge that I have ever seen the location is so good~

It's at the riverbank of River Melacca!! Super nice scenes and fresh air here!! The owner said it always more windy except Summer. Woow~~ it's really a super nice place to have an old friends gathering here.

There always tourist boat pass by the us in river~~

Interviewing~~ but the rest ppl looks have fun very much with their card game~~

Camwhore time~~

Emily and me~~

Michelle n me~~

Yea!! The most awesome thing I had in the Mellacca trip!! I met my primary school classmate-Jenny here!! She is actually study in Melacca but working parttime in Home Lounge!!

I felt really very pleased to meet her again. Recalls primary school life, I always call her 'Ah Ji' (is a nickname called as elder sister in a Singapore drama long time ago). She always look like an elder sister to me.

I miss all my friends in primary school life. Especially, a girl named Mei Xuan, as I had lost contact with her for long time d. >.<

I always believe that it's really a small small world. As I met lots of primary school friends in Taylor's!!

Huh?!! Out of topic d!! Haha. Peiseh~~

Later on, I though we were going to Melacca club- Arena. Mana tau, we sit on the seaside that beside Arena. >.<

Anyways, it's quite comfy and nice also!!

Without flash light. XD

Somebody emo while we were talking about our ex-relationship. Poor thing, haha.

We chatted at there for hours till 1am~
then we departure to go bk KL.

Hehe. Poor our driver Sim, he din sleep for over 24 hrs that day!! As we all rushing for assignment the previous day. Thx u Sim~~

Our driver! Sim~~

Actually Sim was proposing to go Port Dickson later on. But we were super tired d. Next time k

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  1. lolz..when u go malacca o? i also just went to malacca with my friends last week lo..haha