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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

05112011 ❤

Wake up so early today to go Sunway Pyramid shopping alone ❤

No self-camwhore today as I din make up OHOHOHOHO

Today's outfit:

*Love that O-O spec and my braids*
(This was old photo, but I wore exactly the same HAHA)

I got free stuff today!! For who interested can go redeem also! FOR FREE

(Cant see right? LOL)

It's an recycle and exchange programme that provided by RevitaLens Multi-Purpose solution.

Bring one of any size emply/filled multipurpose solution to there then can get 1 bottle of RevitaLens solution!

100bottle (50 of 600ml/50 of 30ml) solution will be given each outlet!

And today their programme was at Guardian Sunway Pyramid.

Luckily I always bring along my travel size solution in my bag.

So I EXCHANGE it for a new bottle of RevitaLens la. AHAHAHAHA
*Aunty-looked smiling*

*Ngek ngek*

Get try for new product, hope it works well.

I got a pair of trial contact lens as well!

U can get ur free trial lens by registering here.

Must put in real contact number so that they can SMS ur redemption code to u.

Last time I used to use Acuvue Oasys Bi-weekly lens.

But it's too expensive to me. RM125 for 3 pairs bi-weekly lens.

But it's super comfortable to use although I have sensitive eyes.

So I wanna try Acuvue Advanced PLUS which material is almost the same with Oasys.

Teehee. Just share it here to whom interested in. XD

Spent a lot today as usual. *BROKE*

bought 4 clothes in order to get the member card to get further discounts.

But their clothes are really nice and not expensive.


1 shirt 2 dresses 1 skirt. ❤

Final Exams are reaching. aik. Stressful.
As usual, all assignments also gonna due soon.

Start internship in hometown immediately after final exam.
Stupid divisional office arranged stupid exam time that we even dun have a week of break before finals.

Somemore, I'm regret to choose doing my internship in hometown as inhuman low pay they provide.
The pay is just to me to pump petrol for a month only.
Can u imagine how low it is? Sigh..

Eh, to get this amount of pay, I just need to work 3 days instead of 1 month.

No need to eat lo. No need to shopping lo.
I got a long long long long wishlist ler.
Stupid. SCREW U!!!!

Blaming end here. HAHA

Little wish of the day: ALL PASS in this sem pls!!

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