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Thursday, November 3, 2011

My first working night

This is my first time attending serving job.

Finally I was selected as I wanted to do this kind of parttime for long time ady.

Just because my height is just 163cm then I failed most of the time.

Dear GOD, please give me 2cm more pls~ That is enough for me to succeed all those showgirl job.

Job scope of the night is serve liquor in the Dato's dinner. Lots of rich ppl, Dato's there and also hamsap uncles..=.=

yucks, they are all old enough to become my father but still love to kacao girls. TZE TZE.

Outfit of da night :)

Urgh.. Actually I'm lacking of nice black dress. This is the combination of my singlet and black skirt. 囧

Looks super normal right?

Okay. I think I should get more black dress backing up for jobs and clubbing. Teehee.

Any recommendation where to get this kind of dress? Some of the brand is just too expensive to me although they always have the super nice dress Eg Miss Selfish. :'(
And now zthe only way I using is via online. T.T

AND! I just realized that I really need a nubra and red moisturizing lipstick!
For next working session and of course clubbing or drinking session. Oh~ hohohohoho \^.~/

Camwhoring time!! Haha. Take more pics while make up. I feel very god while my make up on every time. Erm.. Not confident enough? Yea. :/

Seldom put make up on since I went for eye specialist.
If u follow my twitter, u will know I'm under a treatment for my eyes andcnut allowed to wear contact lens actually. I don't feel like put make up on without contact lens. Seems wasting. :(
So poor my eyes and my purse also.
Pay a lot for treatment fee argh! Now I know how doctors earn a lot.

Hey, if u are looking for further study, choose doctor pls!

Back to the topic Ahaha
Camwhore camwhore

Got myself a cup of Caramel Hot Chocolate for late dinner+supper. Kinda fatty huh? 
Somemore it's too sweet to me even though I'm a sweet thingy lover. 

HOME-ed. Haha.

Stupid super dirty tray make my hand allergy!!! ARGH.
the second pic is after applying Avene Spring Water.
Heal a lot! (Not yet completely healed at day 3 T.T)

Although removing make up is a tiring job, I'm still in a passion of make up! 

Btw share my favourite make up remover here. XD
Fasio Point Make Up Remover + ZA Cleansemax Double Cleansing Gel

See ya everyone next time!

Stay tuned.

Little wish of the day: To my eyes, recover soon pls! *Finger Cross*

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