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Friday, November 25, 2011

Nerd Mode ON!

Yo. Final exams are reaching!!

Sound so scary. As I slack the whole semester again. Yea. AGAIN. sigh.

Last semester GPA was so low. Made my CGPA lower. =.=|||

In order to get my desire job in the future, I must score flying colours this Sem. Then only I can send my resume attaching this Sem results.

GOD BLESS ME PLS. I will be an obedient angel for You and my parents. Pls let me go through this smoothly.

Today is Saturday. Still need to go Uni's library to study. So kesian right?

Heading to Pyramid to meet Katt. We were going to buy Avéne Spring Water Spray together. (Actually I'm asking her to share the 4 bottles promotion pack with me, hehe)

But in the end we bought Vichy brand spring water spray. And I bought my VinC supplement as well!

Drinking my VinC now!! Haha.
(No sickness and cacat skin condition during exam k?)

Went back to Uni in the same cab with Katt. The taxi driver cheat my RM5!! How gonna it cost RM5 from PJS7 to Taylor's Lakeside Campus?! Screw u driver! Okay, I learnt a lesson again. MUST get the exact price quote before entering the cab!!! Coz justnw the driver urged us to get in the cab but keep not telling the price quote for my journey to Uni.

Today uni looks so deserted. Hospitality school and Mass Comm are having their holidays or internship nw. Left pity Business school, Engineering and whatever still preparing for exam. T.T

Going for lunch alone. Only 3 stalls in my uni foodcourt was opening. I choose BBQ fish from a stall called Pearl Island for my lunch! Yum yum. Was recalling the tasty BBQ fish in MidValley.

REVIEW ON THE BBQ FISH: Not nice at all!! Even the lady fingers taste sucks. The fish was like plastic (Mayb texture like cuttlefish?)

End up in library studying. Library is so quiet today. Everyone studying exam!

I should finish the subject today. (But I'm nw blogging? LOL)

Super slow in progress, haha. But anyway I'm studying!!

Lots of tips given by some lecturers. Should do it well in exam!

Fighting!!! Fighting!!

P/S: Another post posting by my iPhone! All the pichas editing and writing done by apps. Hehe.

Little wish of the day: Score flying colours pls!

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