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Friday, December 9, 2011

Orange-ish hair for Christmas!

If u followed my twitter and instagram u will know I just get my hair dyed since last CNY. Pheeew~~

If u are not following my twitter and instagram, here u go, follow me now!!

Twitter: Sherry_sinyee
Instagram: sherrycute52

More live update on these 2 than Facebook nia. Haha.

Pheeeew~ Just finished my final exam on that day! My Sem 4 and Year 2 officially end! Next on is my internship for 3 months! Ganjeong argh!! As I'm gonna graduate soon.. Graduate=Jobless OMG

Outfit of the day ya!
Stitch Tee- Sunway Pyramid Asian Avenue (gifted by baby boy)
Shorts- Asian Avenue
Black Legging and Black boots from Taiwan online! Teehee

Abandon these boots for about one year ady. Now so in love with it again like newly bought. Haha

My classmates lunch gathering right after exam! Haha.

Location: Full House

Ate damn full that day. The lunch set of Full House really very "dai"!

1 main course+ 1 ice lemon tea+ 1 soup of the day+ 1 dessert= start from RM18++ included tax and service charge!

P/S: Their spaghetti set is damn big, enough for 2 girls!

Soup of the day: Carrot soup

My choice of main course! Grilled dunno-what-fish. Haha

No more camwhore that day as everyone were tortured by exams for weeks. Haha.

Our class is such antisocial group. LOL While other groups were having fun in their pool party, I bet we are at home doing nth. LOL

Then me straightly rush to Sunway Giza for my hair dye. Actually I am going to redeem a coupon that I purchased few months ago. It's going to expire soon. Haha

Desired result was like...

Yea! Same colour with Hebe's!

Imagine will it be nice anot? Teehee

Woookay! After an hour of dying session.

Here the outcome!!

End up, I chose a darker tone as I think I should start my internship with so bright colour. No good impression huh? But the hair dresser advice me to do second Jair dye before CNY to enhance the result I want!

Review for that saloon:
(Not going to speak out it's name as I'm not that satisfied with the whole service)
I bought the coupon for RM58, in the end he asked to charged another RM30 just because he said my hair exceed 20inches ady. Wookay, fine, my fault for did not check the terms and conditions clearly. No free wifi and tea even plain water is served. In the result, a bit uneven dyed at the edge of my hair. Urgh.. Sucks to max.

I think next time I better dye my hair in my hometown. Cheaper and better!!

End this post with my Chanel ring. Hehe.
Ring of the week. Haha.

Little wish of the day: Exams results with FLYING COLOURS pls! God bless me.

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