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Monday, February 20, 2012

Lovely CNY *Dragon roars~ * Part 1

Yo! Long time no see peeps~

I love CNY! So do u all right? hehe

I love CNY because it equals to GREAT FAMILY DAY~ ❤

So happy that I can meet cousins that spread within Malaysia.

I have so many fun this year!

And I CAMWHORING all the time! haha

It's ma first time to take train back to hometown.

I have to admit.. It's super uncomfortable. Due to last minute, better train fares were all sold out.

Guess how much for the fare? RM7 only! For 350+km journey. Unbelievable~

RM7 per ticket! 
 It's a special experience to me. Super uncomfortable but nice scenes!

Love the kampung kampung scene~ ❤

During CNY eve..

Burning red crackers to welcome the god of prosperity! It's my hometown tradition~

Pili pala pili pala

Here come Chor Yat~ (First day of CNY).

Usually, we all children will only watch TV and eat snacks for WHOLE DAY.

As it is really nothing to do there in the kampung.

But there was something different this year. We went for a movie! haha

The nearest cinema from my hometown is 1 hour driving distance. Hoho. Don't shock, now you can imagine how "kampung" there it is.

Dear eldest cousin was driving~
Outfit of the day. CHEONGSAM~

Camwhoring in the car~ Hoooo~

Was watching All Well End Well~ Yippie~

It's shooo funny!

The cinema is quite ok and only have 2 theaters. Such a small cinema. 

Camwhore camwhore!!

With Yuna cousin ❤
She always have a damn long hair~ ENVY na~

With Angel cousin ❤
Silly cousin~

A series of camwhore again~

Continued camwhoring after movie. XD

Don't u think we all look alike? XD
Have dinner at PizzaHut~ As our parents have all finished dinner and nothing left for us.. T.T

Yo. I looked so slim here. haha
Homed. And continued camwhore with another younger cousin!

GAMBLING is a must for CNY lah~~

Me was wearing Ang Ang (red) for the gambling! And it's really ong! haha

Me camwhore with the doggie~

Here end of the first day. XD

Wish everyone have a great Dragon Year!


*Part 2 will be another lot of CAMWHORE! haha

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