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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

A Dating Day with Hubby Boy at Haagen-Dazs

It's an OFFICIAL dating day with him!! Official? Yea. It's been long time we didn't have a proper dating already. Why? Because we have been together so about 4+years already! Alright I have to admit that he is a person who love normal and quiet lifestyle. He don't do super romantic things frequently, but few little romantic via his own humorous style.

LOL that we don't wake up "so early" (like 9am) for no school day, but we did it that day without any alarm. So he decided to have a nice breakfast with me before he head to France for 2 weeks. 

We went to Canton-i to have our breakfast!

Rarely to get chances to have some OFFICIAL DATE, of course I will force him to camwhore with me! LOL (Photo quality is terrible, blame to lousy iPhone front camera pls. XP)

These are what we ordered!!

Hongkie's Style Chee Cheong Fun with Char Siew

 Melting Custard Bun, so called "Lao Sa Bao"

I love Lao Sa Bao!! Who's the same? XP
See! The melting sweet and salty custard! Super delicious!!

"Shuang Pin" Roasted Meat Noodle
(This dish is highly commended by Hongkies as the roasted meats taste as same as original HK style!)

Later on, we went for shopping for hubby boy's France trip necessities like winter jacket, sweater, and some instant noodle!! in case they miss Malaysia flavour while the trip! Hehe

Here's the HIGHLIGHT of the day!! Finally he brought me for Haagen-Dazs Chocolate Fondue! (after I asked for it so many times. XD)   

The 传说中 Haagen-Dazs Chocolate Fondue!! 

The chocolate fondue was served with 16 mini Haagen-Dazs ice cream ball, cube cakes, grounded peanut, love letters, choco chips cookies, strawberry, green apple and banana!

My favourite dipping partners were the HD Strawberry ice cream, banana and strawberry! I don't take strawberry actually, but I love those "fake" strawberry flavour and strawberry with chocolate dipping! LOL

A KIND ADVICE: They don't serve the ice cream ball with dry ice below it, so it melts very fast! 

Happy girl with the fondue~ <3 font="font">
Hubby boy always don't know how to shoot me in nice angle =/

Hubby boy, his signature smile and the fondue. LOL

Actually the fondue is quite big portion for 2. I'm a big eater actually, so I don't think other girls can finish it, but hubby boy and I finished it! LOL The price is reasonable also since it consisted of HD signature ice cream. Plus, it is worth to have a try but I bet you will not go for it 2nd time with the same person because it's kinda bored as it's too sweet! HAHA

Yea. Here's the end of this post! Enjoy the foods and HD choco fondue by viewing the  photos all over again la!! Hiak Hiak *EVIL SMILE*


  1. Wah, but winter jacket those thing on the departure date is so rush @@!

    1. Because he keep waiting for sales in those shops LOL