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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Have Fun with Popin' Cookin' Sushi Kit

LOL I bought this toy like finally! Since few years ago I already saw the videos about this and that time those online shop owners were selling this toy at a crazy expensive price. Recently I found it from Shojikiya @Sunway Pyramid at the price RM15! 

This toy is called Poppin' Cookin'. It has already come out with a lots of different food toy! Such as:

So here I started to unpack it!

Inside the box got all the candy powder sachets and tools!

I do it accordingly to the instruction video!
Here's the video. 

First, add water into the tray using the dropper.

Next do the dough for the "fake" seaweed, LOL

Alright. After mixing all the candy power and water into the tray accordingly. This is what you can get! Err.. There's a bit failure done by rough me. =/ 

This is my favourite part!! dropping the "chemical-like" liquid into another liquid to make the salmon roe! It's so amazing!

So yea, this is the final product done by me. A lot failure LOL. It's actually not that easy ok? HAHA
Anyway, I had fun! HAHA

See my fail salmon sushi. LOL Like a not so fresh salmon. yucks.

This tamago sushi probably the best one from other sushi candy I made!

Next, you may ask is the toy candy eat-able? Yes! It's real candy! I had tasted all the sushi, but it eventually taste all the same like, grape flavoured candy, I guess? By the way, you may not dare to taste it cause it looks so "chemical" which may cause cancer, I guess too? LOL So I had sacrificed myself to taste it for you all, at least you know how it taste from reading my blog! LOL

Enjoy~ Cheers~

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