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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Random Chilling Night @Beer Factory

LOL It's a random chilling night with my bros~ Tao Aun and Yung!
That night, I'm just too boring so I tweeted asking around who wanna go for a drink and my buddies replied! LOL They are so random also, created a Whatsapp group immediately and starting to discuss where to go that night. 

  My outfit of the night! Cause we still don't have any plan yet!
Dressed a bit nicely just in case if they wanna go to club.

Guess what, in the end I hopped into the car, all of them wearing slippers and shorts! LOL Clubbing plan, FAILED.

At first, I was thinking like having a cocktail in some pub nearby me should be enough. In the end, we still haven't decided yet where to go until we jumped into Yung's car and traveling on Federal Highway. HAHA

No plan but the bunch was in the car already. LOL

There's one moment we thought of going for an midnight horror movie. But Yung can't accept it. We was checking on the GSC App for the seats and tickets and pursuing Yung to go for Paranormal Activity 4 with us. But in the end, we passed Mid Valley. LOL
Movie plan, FAILED. 

So... we reached Scott Garden RANDOMLY! LOL Alright, let's go for some drink first la!
Say YEAH to Beer Factory!!

We 3 so kisiao ordered a 19XX years Chivas for 3 of us. Just because there's nice bargain. But we are the only table in Beer Factory who ordered Chivas for 3 kittens only, others all beers. LOL Sot 9 us!

LOL Drinking beer is too mainstream, let's have some Chivas!!


LOL Not even finishing the half of Chivas, we starting to get tipsy. LOL 

So camwhore session here!

LOL This is Yung. Single and available. 
PM me if you are interested. LOLOLOL 

This is 50% drunk me and the 19xx years Chivas! See~Left so much in the bottle!

Drunk Yung trying to put his name card the pretty girl's car that we meet at the entrance of Scott Garden earlier! LOL Good job bro!

Alright! The night was actually quite boring as we 3 kittens only! Nothing to do beside some boring card games. But at least we had a bit fun. Went back home and had a nice sleep after alcohol. Arh..Relaxing! Cheers~

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