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Thursday, December 6, 2012

These Days 6/12/2012 Kao's Warm Steam Eye Mask

Short update here!! I was back from my hometown last week and done my braces adjustment like after 2 months? OMG

There's an obvious improvement of my teeth condition after I wear the braces!

Last time I used to be Rabbit Teeth and 龅牙 girl! No more now! Wheeee~~~~

 Just found a corner in my room which is nice for camwhore. Nice lights~

Tighten the braces again! It's a bit pain but damn worth it! No pain no gain ya. Every time I see the improvement, pain gone. LOL

And yeah I back to my middle parting!! Kinda miss it~ Short fringe is just too difficult to maintain. 

Recent Favourite Product!

Warm Steam Eye Mask from Kao~

 I bought this from Taiwan via a friend. I bought the Chamomile fragrance eye mask.

It's so amazing that it will generate warm steam by itself! Best for relaxing my tired eyes after a whole day work! The scent is not too strong and just nice like a spa treatment.

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